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The troubadours with rabid singing of Pays d'Oc
22H15 - Cabaret

Stemming from the ancient poetic art of Trobar the Sirventés shine as the genuinely protest genre of the XIII century. Developed with passion for several centuries, its rabid singing describes a rebellious medieval Occitan society and breaks with the cliché of the weeping troubadour-lover. Thanks to the ingenuity of Manu Théron vocals, Grégory Dargent on the oud and Youssef Hbeisch on percussion, this modern and voluble trio resurrects a secular and popular repertoire, nurtured by a fierce political consciousness and a bubbling orality, from which they draw their inspiration to develop their own sound inventions and adapt this flowery and protest poetry to contemporary music forms. The Art of Troubadours is resurrected…

ALBUMSiventés Chants Fougueux des Pays d’Oc
LABELAccords Croisés