At Babel Med Music we’re not scared by global «warming » or identity assertion. 2016 is a time when Music and bodies and economies, therefore cultures mingle. The WORLD is no longer what it used to be and we’re beyond our niche or our clan within our boundary: to survive we need to adapt !

Babel Med Music is the reflection of our beautiful planet, as we host 750 delegations from the music industry and 30 discovery concerts, we take a photograph and testify of our Universe !

By day: Don’t hesitate and come exchange, trade, coordinate, dance and listen to tunes from elsewhere!
By night: Be curious as 15 000 spectators are about the sound exhilaration of our world.

Babel Med Music is ethical, artistic, curious and festive: a unique market at the heart of the Mediterranean and Europe. Marseilles our «Global city » is ready to welcome you.

Bernard Aubert and Sami Sadak for the team of Babel Med Music.