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The eastern fusion of Ribab Jimi Hendrix
21H00 - Salle des Sucres

Emblematic of the current dynamic Moroccan scene, the prodigy Foulane Bouhssine electrifies the Ribab, this legendary one-stringed violin of the city of Souss South Morocco and brings it into blues, rock, country, reggae or dance rhythms in a puzzling Eastern fusion. Highlighting the rich Amazigh (Berber) heritage, a Jimi Hendrix of the Ribab who manages the tour de force of daringly reconciling fascinating traditional trance with synthetic sonorities of international pop. A native of Agadir, his band Ribab Fusion have become the spearhead of this modernized heritage and undoubtedly the most fervent promoter for the Ribab to allign this instrument as a symbol in the elite of world music.