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Québec - Canada
The magic voice of globalist folk-music
20H15 - Chapiteau

Born in Canada to an Argentine father and a Scottish mother, Alejandra Ribera takes her golden voice and her wandering soul on an internationalist folk with pop-jazz aromas and subtly Latin essences. Like a sunny break in a cloudy ceiling, her burning and bright vocal timbre, deep and slender, emerges in English, Spanish and French, of vaporous songs with refined arrangements and silky textures. Naturally gravitating in the same galaxy as the late Lhasa de Sela, Melingo or Tom Waits, this young singer-songwriter liberates her universe through musical caresses with soothing virtues. A delicate cure against melancholy…

Winner of the Transatlantic Bridge Prize

LABELJazzVillage / Harmonia Mundi