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7 SON @ TO

Guadeloupe - France
The revival of ancestral Guadeloupian Gwo Ka
22H00 - Salle des Sucres

Standard-bearer of the talented continuation of Guadeloupian Gwo Ka, 7 Son @ To offer a new perspective on this Caribbean musical institution inscribed on by UNESCO’s Intangible Heritage of Humanity. These young percussionists perpetuate a genre called “soul of Guadeloupe” by rhythmic drumming trances with African roots and some evocations of the dark days of slavery. This inspired septet attempts to revive Gwo Ka with Creole songs and notoriously acerbic lyrics on nowadays islander society. Masters’ heir such as Kristen, Robert Loyson, or Ti-Séles and Gérard Lockel, 7 Son @ To embodies today the finest modern Gwo Ka revelation.


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