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Burlesque rock with klezmer scents
23H15 - Chapiteau

Coming from the multicultural underground of Tel Aviv, the Jewish Monkeys handle irreverent satire and black humour with the deliciousness of the kooky Marx Brothers or the mischievous distance of a Woody Allen. This recent band with his members in their fifties introduced in a roar the burlesque and absurd in a cheeky musical caravan which combine punk rock, surf music, klezmer traditions and crazy Balkan swerves. A concentrate of Mediterranean Yiddish sauce, which scrolls in a high speed through trashy hits and parodic winks and iconoclastic points of view on thorny subjects. A breath of post-klezmer rock fresh air, that manages to tune irony with anger, melancholy with rebellious verve. Simply salutary…


ALBUMMania Regressa
LABELGreedy for best Music