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Flammable indomitable mixes of Afro-Portuguese rhythms
00H30 - Cabaret

In the amazing instrumental cauldron of veteran Dj D-Mars, spotted in several productions of Portuguese old-school hip hop, popular genres of African Portuguese-speaking countries imprint with the most flammable digital beats to pour exhilarating and compelling mixes. As behind the alias Rocky Marsiano there is an acrobat DJ juggling with sacred fire of dance, gliding from the Angolan Semba to Cape Verdean Funana while going through the scorching Mozambique Marrabenta .Currently living in Amsterdam, this vinyl digger offers a bewitching exploration of Afro-Portuguese rhythms and seals the infallible coming together, in sweat and convulsions, of traditions and dance floors. Calor!

ALBUMMeu Kamba
LABELAkwaaba Music