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Malian electric groove with African psychedelic rock flavour
22H00 - Salle des Sucres

Designed as a tribute to Super Djata Band, the heroic combo of the 70s, percussionist Bamba Dembélé’s band electrifies Malian music and recreates the excitement of Bamako wild nights. Through his wizard funk with Bambara pulsation or his African blues tinged with psychedelic rock, Bamba Wassoulou Groove revisits a feverish popular repertoire, sprinkled with standards and haunting melodies. Ousmane Diakite’s rebounding voice echoes percussive rhythms and 4 gleaming guitars that transform the set into a formidable grooving machine. Pulsating in its loops and frantic in  its Hendrix-flavoured rock. Irresistibly danceable.

LABELLabel Bleu / L'Autre distribution