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Festive intermix for catchy melodies and militant verve
22H00 - Salle des Sucres

A voluble, talented and mischievous way with words, combined with a keen sense of melody: here is the all-terrain visa for these musicians who went through the formative square of panhandling that shaped them into madmen improvisers. Zoufris Maracas ever since carry around their French song with Congolese rumba accents, gypsy rhythms and tropical flavours on festivals stages with the same brio. It must be said that their humanistic vision of day-to-day life hits the bull’s eye, dealing lightly with subjects that are nothing but light. A breath of fresh air and a ray of sunshine, new and salutary in the cross-cultural French song…

ALBUMChienne de Vie (2015)
LABELChapter Two / Wagram Music