Liberty, Equality, Fraternity

Musicians from 32 countries and regions, hundreds of festivals or cultural events directors, producers, publishers, journalists, trading, conversing, marketing between crazy lovers of music from Europe and all around the world sensitive to the unique welcome of le Dock des Suds…

In the evening, for 3 nights, the irreplaceable and happy Audience will listen to our world, 15,000 people ready to vibrate to the sound of Colombia, Catalonia, Israel, Italy, Greece, Canada, Belgium, Iran, Morocco, Senegal, Portugal, Finland, Korea, Cape Verde, the Indian Ocean, Reunion, Martinique, Mali, etc. and of course of our region Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur.

So get ready…The world’s musical spring is in Marseille in March 2015.

Bernard Aubert and Sami Sadak for the team of Babel Med Music.