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Martinique Island - France
The solar tone of the nu-Creole stage
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Loriane Zacharie

With her enchanting vocal tone and her delicate interpretation, Loriane Zacharie pays a refined tribute to the musical heritage of her native island, Martinique, after collaborating with artists such as Malavoi, Victor O ou Fred Deshayes (Soft). Strolling around Caribbean biguine, bélé and mazurka rhythms but also folk, this artist is definitely the voice of a nu-Creole stage, deeply attached to the Antillean syncopations, to the Martinican Creole and to the subtly jazzy arrangements. Her compositions of smooth melodies, just like island sunshine, spread out in sound caresses with soothing and danceable properties. Bewitching

ALBUMAn Ba Soley
LABELAztec Musique