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Marseilles, France - Senegal
The delicate alchemy of classical and African music
20H15 - Salle des Sucres

Delicate fusion between two musical continents, Saïko Nata subtly interweaves a classic piano, braided notes of a kora, bass and African percussions conversing in a sweet alchemy. This cosmopolitan quartet from Marseilles evolves like a sound funambulist between classical music and rhythms of Africa, exhaling its tragic tunes and its light melodies of exile or love stories. A new vision – Saïko Nata in Mandinka – regarding miscegenation that the group constantly questions by immerging major European classical authors but also dance, into the broth of sub-Saharan music.

ALBUMVision Nouvelle (2015)
LABELLa Clique Production