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Irresistible Cape Verdean kings of the funaná

Historic band of the Cape Verdean scene, Ferro Gaita get their taste from 2 iconic instruments of the archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean: the ferrinho, an iron bar rubbed with a knife and used as a percussion instrument and the gaita, a diatonic accordion found in the countryside of Santiago in the early twentieth century. This royal armada from Praia mixes this islands’ heritage with an electric instrumentation to ignite the cheerful sound of funaná, this traditional music style that shakes Cape Verde to its jerky rhythms and spirited accordion melodies.

(Mario Lucio gives a showcase to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the independence of Cape Verde. As a major figure of the Cape Verdean culture (leader of Simentera, multi-intsrumentalist and Minister of Culture!), this artist holds the Creole identity at the heart of this Portuguese-speaking archipelago.)

ALBUMFinkadu Na Raiz (Live)
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