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Marseilles, France
Polyglot polyphonies of a port city
20H15 - Chapiteau

Atypical vocal quintet, Radio Babel Marseille offers its polyphonic wonders with the texts of the illustrious seaman poet Louis Brauquier as well as original compositions honoring the diversity of the port of Marseille. Like a tower of Babel, the Spanish, Arabic, Occitan, Swahili, Bambara and French languages, iridescent with beat-box rhythms and Mediterranean groove, resonate in a clarion call of the open sea. A cappella exhilarating adventure that sails over the voices and a thousand evocations from Elsewhere, these five singers sitting on the docks, staring at the horizon, weave in a breath open to the vibrations of the world.

ALBUMVers des Docks et des Quais
LABELPiment Rouge