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The irresistible trance of electro-trad tarantella
23H45 - Chapiteau

The contagious energy of the sextet Kalàscima proves once again the extraordinary vitality and profound modernity of Puglia’s Tarantella. This ancient musical form, from Salento peninsula in southern Italy, is based on its frantic rhythmic and its liberating almost curative trance. By combining its traditional instruments such as the tamburello or tammorra, electronic sounds and digital loops, Kalàscima immerses its abounding ancestral heritage in the turbulence of futuristic music, signing an ageless psychedelic Tarentella; explosive and hypnotic. A folk-music trance intoxicating with fragrances from Salento popular festivals.

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ALBUMPsychedelic Trance Tarantella
LABELPonderosa Music&Art