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Babel Med Music celebrates exceptional artists in World Music : during the opening ceremony of the Babel Med Music Festival, 5 prizes will be awarded to the best creative artists as well as the best artists in the category ‘talents without borders’.

Prix Babel Med Music et Région Provence - Alpes - Côte d’Azur
The Festival awards a prize to an artist or a professional person within the field of music that has made an outstanding contribution to World Music.

2005 : Juan Carmona
2006 : Massilia Sound System
2007 : Bernard Coutaz (Harmonia Mundi)
2008 : Accords Croisés, Mad Minute, Daqui, Mondomix & Bernard Chérèze (France Inter)
2009 : Grand Prix: Les Bantous de la Capitale (Congo)
Prix Spécial Babel Med Music: 25 ans de Carrière de Baster (La Réunion / Fr)
2010 : Lo Cor de la Plana (Occitanie) & Wesli (Haïti)
2011 : les 20 ans du réseau European Forum of World Wide Music Festival
2012 : Hommage à Buda Musique, Mory Kanté et Bonga

Prix France Musique des Musiques du Monde
The winner of the prize then goes on to record a CD with ‘Radio France Ocora Records’ the following year.

2006 : Négoce et Signature (Guadeloupe / Fr)
2007 : Huong Thanh (Vietnam)
2008 : En Chordais Ensemble (Grèce)
2009 : Deba (Mayotte / Fr)
2010 : Insingizi (Zimbabwe)
2011 : Edmond Mondésir (Martinique / Fr)
2012 : Abduvali Abdurashidov & Badakhshan

Prix Mondomix
Throughout History, music has been fed by travels to foreign parts, encounters and dreams. With their help, music has grown and developed.
Mondomix is the first French media for World music and cultures. Each year Mondomix rewards an artist from the Babel Med Music festival who has proved both on stage and on record that they really do blend world music trends in an original and authentic way, reinventing the past by transforming it into unforgettable moments of pleasure.

2009 : Kristin Asbjørnsen (Norvège)
2010 : El Hijo de la Cumbia (Argentine)
2011 : Aziz Sahmaoui (Maroc)
2012 : Rocio Marquez

Prix Adami des Musiques du Monde
For the second year, The Adami Prize which comes in the form of a 2000 euros cheque, is awarded to one artist from the Babel Med Music Festival. The lucky winner is subsequently chosen to perform in three music festivals newly created in 2011.

2010 : Oneira 6tet (Région Provence - Alpes - Côte d’Azur - Iran - Grèce - Méditerranée)
2011 : Kabbalah (Région Provence - Alpes - Côte d’Azur)
2012 : Emel Mathlouthi

Prix Fondation Orange
In 2011, the Fondation Orange becomes partner of Babel Med Music.

2012 : Amira

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