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France - Algeria
The return of the great icon of electro-oriental rock

Since his rejuvenated version of the song “Douce France” in 1986 as well as the premonitory title “Voilà Voilà” and the triumph of “Ya Rayah” as a worldwide hit, Rachid Taha has never ceased to create his own mythology, mixing punk, chaâbi, electro and feverish raï to establish himself as the last real French rocker of international dimension. As a facetious genius surging out from an Aladdin’s lamp of sound, he invokes the spirits of his idols Oum Kalthoum or Elvis Presley, under the watchful eyes of the international elite (Mike Jones, Brian Eno) impressed by his stage performances of demonic energy. With a rebellious spirit as his only visa and with his multi-rooted identity, Rachid Taha perpetuates the bewitching “Rock the Casbah”! Look out for his new album!