Friends from the Indian Ocean, Korea, Australia, Catalonia, Africa, Italy and over 2 500 professionals have chosen Babel Med Music to exchange, to do business, to discuss or program their music in 3 days and 3 nights in March.

All subjects concerning our planet will be touched upon: the so-called identity-based music, levelling of cultural differences, the mixing of influences and the search for new sounds, the concentrations of productions, the cost of concert tickets, support to festivals and alternative venues, commercialisation of the arts, democratisation of “creative know-how”, new technologies, ecology, engagement against music and word censorship, international mobility of artists, etc, etc…
“World Music” is the reflection of our multi-facetted societies!
Let’s not be scared of others!

BABEL MED MUSIC is a forum, a party, a meeting and the pleasure of being together!
On 24th, 25th and 26th March, Marseille becomes capital of the World!

We are expecting you.

Bernard Aubert and Sami Sadak
for Babel Med Music



About 30 concerts, 250 artists, over 2 500 professionals and 13 000 audience members are expected for this 7th edition of Babel Med Music. A musical event celebrated by professionals the world over. Both a festival and a world music trade fair this prestigious event has achieved a well-deserved international recognition.

This year, the programme will once again be outstanding: Watcha clan, Montse Cortes, Chico Trujillo, Sahra Halgan, Shantel... many discoveries will punctuate three days of festive celebrations. Lifted by a variety of sounds and rhythms, each and everyone will get a chance to experience a vibrant and innovative scene, perfect illustration of the rich diversity of world music.

The Region proudly supports this event in a privileged partnership with Latinissimo, the organisers of Babel Med Music.

Set up in 1999, the regional Contemporary Music Development Plan fosters and supports the agents of artistic creation but also the dissemination of their work to the public through a programme of professional development for artists, the organisation of festivals, the promotion of events, the development of rehearsal spaces…

The many music of today are a reflection of our rich cultural diversity and our mixed heritage. I wish you all to find in this edition many surprises and a place to meet and share.

Michel Vauzelle
Président de la Région
Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur


The 7th edition of BABEL MED MUSIC welcomes, in Marseilles from 24 to 26 March 2011, the economic and cultural sectors of world music for the most affluent European forum. 3 days, 3 nights, 30 concerts open to the public, dozens of conferences, 170 stands and thousands of fruitful meetings offering you, on a plate, a unique panorama on music.


ATYPICAL. With a formulae combining a professional market and a festival open to the public in the baroque, post-industrial setting of Dock des Suds, BABEL MED MUSIC cultivates its uniqueness. Since 2005, this event has established itself as a not-to-be missed international professional meeting within a specific economic context.

With a music industry that hesitated to hop onboard the technical revolution train, live performances soon became the preferred medium of music dissemination. Today, in 2011, as the economic crisis is beginning to reach the live performance industry, the world music sector is more than resisting within a gloomy sector. How can this be? Quite simply because its agents have always privileged the stage, sustained networks, supported collaborations, diversified its audience and shaped a constantly expanding market. These arguments have always been paramount in BABEL MED MUSIC raison d’être.

With over 2 500 professionals (programmers, tour managers, producers, institutions, networks, medias, artists and distributors, etc) from the 5 continents, its human size market of 170 stands (+13% expansion from 2010), its conference rooms and debates as well as its agora, a place for meeting and exchanging, this forum offers a unique space to make contact and start a dialogue between the international music sector operators. Now well established in the international event calendar, BABEL MED MUSIC 2011 strengthens its unique position in the professional fairs’ landscape with overwhelming support from the whole sector.


Beyond the many prolific meetings that will unfold over 3 days, BABEL MED MUSIC also offers a programme of 30 bands, with performances open to the public for 3 nights.

Selected by an independent and international jury (an ethical dimension and essential principle for Babel), made of festival artistic directors, world music experts and specialist journalists, the 2011 vintage delivers a snap-shot of world music in 21 countries, full of figureheads of century old traditions and emerging artists to discover urgently.

BABEL MED MUSIC aesthetic tracks are more than an invitation to travel, they tell of today’s world, hovering between constructive globalisation and identity assertiveness, necessary against standardisation. The festival introduces some gems from Australia, South Korea, Congo, Chile, Turkey, the United Kingdom, Cameroon, Haiti, Lebanon, Portugal, France (several selected projects are linked to the year-long celebration of French Outremer), Italy, Somalia, Marocco, echoes of their country’s culture, often invigorated by diasporas scattered around the world.

From the most traditional to the most avant-garde, this selection is confirmation that world music had shed its folk shackles to flirt with jazz, electronica or rock, without loosing its soul….Sensitive and sonic witness to the world’s evolutions….

So welcome to this 7th edition of Babel Med Music
from 24 to 26 March 2011
to live and discover in
Marseille the epicentre of planetary vibrations…
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